youtube videos sans* spoilers

Using this service is the easiest thing in the world :-)

Firefox plugin: drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Get NoSpoiler Link. Then, when on YouTube, MetaCafé, etc. you can just click it to get an instant nospoiler link! :-)

Alternatively, use the textfield on the main page - and finally if you want to create the links manually here's how:

When on YouTube - just replace the with

Yes - you guessed it! The /y/ is a short keyword for youtube, and supports other video services as well, here's the full list:

/y/ - - example:
/v/ - - example:

/g/ - - example:
/b/ - - example:
/m/ - metacafé.com - example:

youtube video before and after

Missing a video site? Let me know :-)