youtube videos sans* spoilers

We all know comments can spoil a good YouTube experience, so how about a site that lets you link to videos without those? Well, here it is!

I work in IT. I get a lot of youtube links, especially from my co-workers. One day I got an MSN message from my colleague with a link to this video, followed by a verbal - "But don't look at the description or comments, they're spoilers". You've probably seen the video - it's about a kid who thinks he's getting an xbox for christmas, only to find out he's been tricked by his parents and older brother. It was featured on Engadget which in the end decided to buy the poor kid a xbox 360 themselves. But I digress...

The point is this - the experience of watching the video on youtube was easily spoiled because of both the description and all the commenters feeling for the kid. And this happens all the time - sometimes I just want to pass a link and know the recipient will watch the video first, then read the comments.

So I thought - wouldn't it be nice with a site where one could link to JUST THE VIDEO. No comments, no description, nothing EXCEPT the video. And was born. - youtube videos sans* spoilers